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Мап-пак из отличных VCTF карт. Единственный минус - ботов не поддерживают. Список карт со скринами и описаниями на английском:


My goal about this map was to make the usage of the jump boots, on foot and vehicle capture. You can go on every building using the jump boot. Credits to who ever coded them. The map have the Tsunami (Black manta) and the Mini Scorp (Scorpion with a minigun instead. Faster speed & accel too).

I really have no idea why. I wanted a fast on foot/mini scorp run map with the same basic idea Blood Gulch has - An open thing with some rocks surounding it. Do not ask. It can be fun and different from the other maps around. Evading and confusing your enemies hidding in the trees is the best TBH.


This one could use lots of improvement on one hand. Yet again, I did not add a manta blocker over the flag but thought about doing it. Apparently, in VCTF, always putting manta blockers over the flag is making your mapper reputation really bad.

The flags are close, and it's easy to say that the map is wide open. You might find some fun in this one in LAN. Not my best one.


The idea was to make something open, with a layout that alows you to take cover after evading the enemy base running with the flag. It can be hard to score in there, and the raptors feel useless due to the way it's open and the raptor is just like a big anoying fly "easy-to-shot" around. Beta 2 inclued a manta blocker and some fixes. Addition of jumppads too.


So many lovers and haters. From all the maps I provided. This one is probably the one who gets the most "Wow what a ****ty map" and "This map rocks" comments. The tanks are really easy to take down and they don't own. It's probably the only VCTF map where it's easy to take down a tank. All you need to do is use the jump pad to get on the side and take it down with anything you have. Even link gun works. You can always grab the avril at the bottom in front of the tanks. You always start with a link gun so you can try doing a man link. This can work well if you're team know what they are doing, 6 man link freaking own any vehicles in VCTF, trust me. It's worse than hitscan spam.

VCTF-Deeper View

Needless to say. It's a manta run map. And it was the goal. You will want to play this map with at least 5-6 players on the server. The flags may be next to each other but if you are always using the front side of the map to score, you will always be tanken down by the avrils. use the rear side of the map for surprise attacks.


Again, many lovers and haters. The fact that all the hitscans weapons are far away from the spawn points drove the hitscan pr0 pr0 players insane and making them type "This map sucks" without self control. Good deal! :clap:

You have 2 bridge. The worse thing that can happen is someone camping the other side of the bridge with an hellbender. Do not cross in scorpions when you see one, use your rockets and avril to take it down. Manta runs are possible and really easy to take down due to the ammount of scorpions in the map.


On the same theme as Deeper view, it's based on an island. The death penality is kinda too much and the manta/raptors are far to reach, using the tower teleports. You will have to know the map well before goign there in the first place. The teleports that lead to the manta and raptor tower are located on the top floor of the base towers. Echoes can be fun if you're a new player to UT2004. Play it on a lan with friend or stuff like that.

TIP: Use the manta and raptor tower to hide with the flag, or, use it for running away with the flag. You can do a suicide jump in the water and survive. However, the water is deadly from a certain distance of the island so careful where you're landing. M'kay?


Here something went wrong. When you make a map for VCTF. If you're going to add a manta, and a flag, always expect to see manta runs going on around. No manta blocker was added over the flag, which caused the "Hard capture" challenge of this map dead. I decided to leave it like so, people from the vctf community would have screamed if I'd be adding a blocker there.


I have a note to give to people who think this map is all about foot run and agresive tank play... This map is about manta runs online. And vehicles camping really is strong (hellbender rear turret especialy)

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Vendetta 05 Декабря 11
Вроде бы еще учесть все баги и протестировать. Гетайры страниц двадцать на форуме своем исписали, чтобы довести карту до ума и пофиксить баги. Их карту взяли. Однако оттуда танк надо убирать.
Vendetta 05 Декабря 11
Нет, такие правила давно. Еще при магисе были (он из ут ушел давно, огромное кол-во карт как раз от него)
Чтобы Рембо добавил карту, надо все сделать по правилам.
Второй вариант- попросить Мэйдэя.
Vendetta 05 Декабря 11
Шейм, по правилу добавлений карт на Рембосервер надо на карте указать автора, а так же то, что эта карта для рембосервера. Иначе Рембо не поставит.
UnShame 05 Декабря 11
надо предложить туда весь пак поставить
UnShame 05 Декабря 11
JUS 05 Декабря 11
а где вы на ней вообще играли?
Vendetta 05 Декабря 11
Да нормальная карта. Правда танк создает проблемы.
UnShame 05 Декабря 11
PS ненавижу illusion >_<
UnShame 05 Декабря 11
щас перезалью на медиафаер
JUS 05 Декабря 11
спокойно, просто нажимаем Enter и все
LaMeR 05 Декабря 11
UnShame 31 Июля 10
Единственный минус - ботов не поддерживают.
XCanG 31 Июля 10
так тут нет поддержки ботов? omg ):
UnShame 31 Июля 10
они какбэ для сервера делали.
Rasiel 30 Июля 10
ппц ленивые авторы ботов могли бы и сделать пять минут работы